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Really, a “site” created?

April 23, 2009

Yeah… I decided to move to a WP account so that it would be more accessible than LJ? lol… maybe not…? >.>;;

Anyway, so I will update more around this site… and we will be permanently moving things here in due time one-three weeks… or when someone wants to fix it up more. ;D

And so, the only update is our staff page. lol. ;x

And yeah, hrmm, I made a crappy version of our release of 07-Ghost Ep3, find it at: .

Yet… Release of Ep3 v2 of 07-Ghost will be made within 5-8hours from now. My Engrish had too many problems this round. ;<

And yeah, let us know what you folks want from us… because if you don’t like something of what we do, we rather not hear complaints but hear critique for improvements. We will try our best to accommodate as many preferences as we can.

Anyway, toodles for now~