Release of 07-Ghost Ep 16

July 21, 2009

Damn it, I just love this show… but for the wrong reasons. ;/

Anyway, here’s our release of the episode again. Hmm, my translations are going insane. Lol~ Joking, joking! ;>

Ah yes… I’m feeling conflicted and confused about something regarding the HD releases, btw… but I promise that we’ll begin dishing them out in due time… As well as those “promised revisions…” (We may batch up some episodes too someday~ lalala~ No guarantees on that, though. ;/ )

Credits [psst, I’m giving the Editors a break… I think I’ll recruit them to help again next few times, though. ;] ):

Timing1, Typesetting1, Distro: Yuki

Translations, Fine-Tune, QC, SD Encode, Distro: yours truly

SD Download: DDL ; Torrent .

As always, thanks for watching!


[ps. My TL speed is increasing, I think, but same with the number of my project endeavors… And so, I think the pace of the releases will be coming to a slow down within these next Four weeks due to midterms+Finals that I have amongst organizing a bunch of other stuff. Regardless, I’ll try to serve up what I can as soon as I can. Thank all of you so much for supporting us! ]


  1. WOW…

    Thank u again =)

    I’m download now, but I’m busy a lot to watch T_T

    Anyway… Thanks Again for u job…

    I love u =*

  2. THANK YOU <33


  3. Thanks for the subs..

    But this episode left a trauma in me.. I think that from now on I’ll only be able to say Fazha instead of Father.

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