Release of Needless 4

July 25, 2009

Bah, someone needs to get her act together.

Anyway, I’m happy to now have yet another Editor join us. more like huzzah to more scripts to compile.

Nah~ Though, if there’s someone I’d like to help us out more, that would have to be another translator. ;]

First, SD, as alway (with slightly different settings~ lalala~): DDL ; Torrent .

HD  DDL ; Torrent .

[ps Aufmerksamkeit = attention in German; I forgot that sign.] >x<;;

There’s a whole  lot of (Edit: Some random) language was fairly foreign for me to directly translate, so you can view some words/meanings that I brewed out of this episode… More like, random terms that people normally wouldn’t say were sporadically inserted, so that’s why I say this. ;/

And also, I was considering just typesetting all the Kanji this time, but I decided maybe it would be too obstructive? Or do you folks like them Typeset? Lol~ (We have no expert Typesetter so it’s a tough call, in my opinion.)

Anyway, here’s your link to TL Notes: DDL .

And yeah, I’m highly considering moving our SDs to MP4s containers (+H264) [since I’ve been recommended some pretty nice settings]. If there are any objections, let me know~

psst… I made a few minor “mistakes” on the Karaoke… I apologize for that, I’ll be more careful next time around, I swear~ ;/

psst#2… I may provide the script for ddl… but only after I’ve finished the Editing. ;/


Editing1: Sirius <-new Editor ;/

Editing2: Hemsko.

Editing3: anon-editor3

HD Encoding: D4rkFactor.

Timing1, Typesetting, (distro): Yuki

Timing2: anon-timer2

Translations, Timing3/Fine-tuning, QC, SD Encode, Distro: yours truly.

Thanks for watching!



  1. Please keep the avi format you are the only one who use avi for needless.

  2. and really Thanks for subbing!! Thanks a lot!! =]

  3. I support the decision to move over to mp4. Anyone who can only play AVI files needs to catch up with the times!

    • you know Chris, not everyone has tons of money to buy a new computer. I’ve tried 720p h264 with CCCP, and it still doesnt work. And people say “don’t use VLC”, and THAT works for 480p h264.

  4. Please don’t abandon the AVI format, even good (and understanding) subbers still use that format due to its universality in playing to most computers rather than H264.

  5. Thx to the fast sub. But why not the MKV to the first?

    • Meh, I like to improve the script and timing as well as I can before I release it in HD so the subtitle quality is relatively better to match the video quality. And, that’s so that we can avoid the making anymore version2 releases…

      But yeah, as soon as we’re improving, we’ll be releasing them at around the same time. I apologize for the delay, usually the fault is on my side since my torrent seeding is slow. ;/

  6. hey, just like to say awsome job on fansubbing
    i was wondering if you were interested in taking the next step of making a fully hosted website with custom forum and everything
    i can provide it for free >__.>

  7. zefringo roxors!

  8. >That’s just one of Blade’s terms for “dissing” others, I think. ;/

    Actually, “zako” is quite a mainstream term, so to say, especially in fighting\shmup games and such. Its actual = non-literal meaning is close to “weakling” (sometimes with implications of “cannon fodder” as well, i.e. those weak and forgettable enemies that come on screen en masse to be killed the very next second; this depends on the context), as far as I know.

  9. ERrr, getting late eh? something happen?

  10. What happen to your release of episode 5 ? You know ? I don’t want to waste my time on others groups, their quality are suck. So I hope you can release your work soon.

  11. Geezz, can we have some reply please…? It’s alright if you can’t finished your work sooner but give us some excuse or something like that. I hate when you just silent away. Hope your release will be better with this long wait. Err…boneknocker, I already waste my time by downloading another sub release. I can’t say they are sucks but LIF was a little better with the video. Gonna get LIF ver. release if they actually release it.

    • to maki

      Sure I will download LIF ver. when they release it. And I think you are kindness to think that sub-group who make graphic of this show has a lot of damage like line shatter, pixel spreading, or too much blur not suck.

      But honestly I still can not accept some thing like that. It just too much for me.

      Finally I hope LIF will continue this project or at lease I hope they answer some thing even that mean a bad news.

    • Sorry about the late reply, but I just posted our reasons for the delay and we apologize greatly for that.

      In case you don’t read the post, just know that our Translator was very tired and busy so therefore required a break. We’re now trying to catch up, and hope to have all the episodes out by the end of the weekend. We also hope to be back on normal schedule by next week.

      Thanks for choosing our subs by the way, we greatly appreciate it.

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