Episode Delays

August 6, 2009

Alright then the second-in-command here (it’s Yuki if you didn’t know). First time to post something here but let’s make this short and to the point.

Our translator, Rie, had to take a break for a while. If you didn’t know translating is tiring and alot of work, put together with the bad weather, very tiring, so our Rie took a well-deserved break. But don’t worry we don’t plan to drop Needless or 07-Ghost. We hope to get everything out by the end of the weekend and everything back to normal schedule by next week. Rie sincerely apologizes and says she promises this won’t happen again, but as I’ve told her, she shouldn’t worry because we all deserve breaks once in a while and hopefully you all understand ^_^

Which brings me to advertise that it would be real nice to find another translator, because I don’t want Rie to overwork herself too much. So if you or anyone you know has some decent understanding of Japanese and English, be sure to inform us.

Okay that’s our update. I hope our fans stick with us, and we apologize for not telling you sooner.

Small update here: We should have three SD releases for 07-Ghost 17-19 by sometime Tuesday evening (we hope to at least) and then, we’ll have a triple release of Needless (4-6) by Saturday night again. Sorry again for the delays, we hope to be caught up and back on schedule in no time!



  1. well, just what we need. it’s really alright about getting some rest. take your time, i hope you’ll get more power when you came back. no need to worry, i’ll stick with you for needless release. so, we’ll just have to hold our “needed” for a while.
    Thanks for the info, hope we’ll hear something good soon^^

  2. Everyone needs a break. Hope Rie got enough rest and I’m excited that we will get some 07-Ghost soon.

  3. Good. I waiting for Needless from you guys. Can’t stand Ayako’s font. But your translations are long and hard to read; they’re too literal. But I like that too. It’s not trying to dumb down sentences just so they fit onto the screen. Keep up the good work!

  4. Phew, I was getting really worried. I almost sent you another YT PM, but I refrained because I didn’t want to become annoying.

    If my listening comprehension was much better for Japanese (at present, my listening comprehension is only good enough that if I listen really closely and think-trnaslate fast enough I’ll catch an odd word or phrase here and there) I would offer to help.

    I COULD be a translations checker or even a QC if you wanted/needed one, but I’ve never worked for a fansubs group before and I’m currently translating two/three manga for two different scanlation groups….

    And quite honestly, a translations checker wouldn’t even be needed for you guys, unless you felt you needed one :-D.

  5. read the manga and can’t wait to see Eve and Blade in the past with Gido…

    No one wondered why Gido is with Eve and Blade?

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