[Gradual] Release of 07-Ghost 17-19

August 14, 2009

The organization of this post is crap, sorry.  :P

but yeah, SD releases still… No revisions on the Opening Theme or Ending Theme yet… They’ll be revised and reapplied to all revisions and our Final batches of SDs and HDs. <-this may be misleading and may take a while, but you’ll be notified about more info later.

For Ep 17.

Hello there! Yuki here! Slowly but surely we’re catching up =x

Anyways here’s the credits this round

Timing1, Distro: Yuki

SD-Encode: Taki (new member!)

Editing2: Sirius

Editing, Distro: Mimiko

Translations, Fine-Tune, QC, SD Encode, [SLOW INITIAL] Distro: Zef


SD Download: DDL ; Torrent .

Well I’m off, enjoy the episode!

Ep 18: DDL ; Torrent

Ep 19: DDL ; Torrent


Timing + Typesetting + Distro: Yuki

Editing2: Sirius

Editing1 + distro: Mimiko

Engrish TLs + Fine-tune/qc + Encoding randomness + initial seeding Fail: done by the vungvung, zefringo

The delays story goes as this: zefringo is a major slacker everywhere… and so, she failed. Then, her notebook pc failed her… And then data went “bye-bye.” And so, we had to redo a good lot of these last couple episodes.

Both 07-Ghost and Needless will be back on track next week, we swear. [well, unless zefringo’s karma/luck doesn’t seem to plunge even further. ] ;/

Thanks for your patience friends, fans, and everyone else. Blame zef


  1. I’ve been waiting patiently for these 07-Ghost episodes. Now I can finally watch them. Thanks.

  2. thanks guys. i always love avi format. eagerly waiting for needless

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