Release of 07-Ghost Ep 20

August 18, 2009

Rushed this out asap~ We hope the quality is still reasonable… [We ran into some Encoding/video frame issues… but, we fixed it as well as we could~]

Anyway, NEEDLESS Eps 5-7 will be rolling one per day starting from tomorrow…  I’m cracking through it, yesh. :]

And hmm, I omitted the OP+ED Karaoke… by accident… [Well, next time around, I should have the proper Karaoke!] Instead, I added some Karaoke elsewhere… ludududu~ ;/

Uh… The song, there, may potentially have one verse meaning change… But, I’m not sure of the full context/can’t tell the “intonation” quite right, but, it could mean: “May there please be eternal tranquility” versus whatever else I decided… :z

And as for the naming of the top-class fleet ship, I tried to give it a “proper name…” But, I think it doesn’t make much sense, but I chose to make it sound more reasonable than something about “libidos…” >.>;;;

And yeah, I messed with the typesetting there… I apologize for the subtitle jumping… If you hate it so, we will adjust it when we do our revisions. ;P

Ah right, and the Land of Seele, that is a term in German used once again in this show. Seele isn’t pronounced as it kind of tends to be spelt, but yeah, it means “soul” and/or “spirit.” Therefore, it is this special place that the Father of Teito wanted to take Teito when he was younger. Well, if you want more context of the place, read the manga. =p

Anyway, credits for this SD:

Timing1 + Typesetting1 + Distribution: Yuki .

Editing: anon-Editor #6.

Whatever else [including lame Encoding skill-Fail], by your slacker Translator [yours truly-zefringo].

For the record, zefringo failed at registering the torrent correctly this time; I apologize profusely. ;z

Ep20 v1/SD XviD: DDL ; Torrent1; Torrent2

ps. Completely unrelated… Yet, as a fan of G-Dragon from Big Bang, I wish G-Dragon happy birthday today. ;]


  1. Your posts always crack me up. I wonder, does anything ever go right when you guys release??? Thanks a lot for your hard work. It’s appreciated!

  2. i read something about “NEEDLESS Eps 5-7 will be rolling one per day starting from tomorrow…”

    • yeah same here , i waiting that too, and no more info about this series >.< it will delay ? or drop? or what?

    • Yeah, sorry for late reply. What happened was we ran into even more problems, but we hope to have it the episodes up as soon as we can.

  3. Yeah i am also waiting for Needless :x

    • Sorry for the delay, we ran into more problems that we have fixed for now, so we hope to have the episodes up soon >.<

  4. Yup, L-I-F Needless has one of the richest colors around. Please continue to release them.

    • Well I’m glad you enjoy our quality of Needless =D but yesh, we do plan to continue to release them just taking longer since we ran into a few problems, but we hope to have them up soon.

  5. hello are U still alive?

    • Yes we are still alive, but sadly we ran into even more problems that needed fixing, so we had to delay the Needless episodes for a while longer, we hope to have them up soon, so no, we don’t plan on dropping it.

  6. alright then, thanks for letting us know.

    hope problems are solved soon

  7. ok, thx for answer. I will wait for your release.

  8. You know ? I nearly to ask the same question too.

  9. Are you guys still alive? =(

    • Yeah, actually they are. Zef is still trying to get her shit together. Lots of obstacles in her real life lately.

      • Ok. I was just wondering, because it’s been a while since the website last updated.

  10. I hope LIF will release the rest of this show, now that ayako messed up ep.10.

    • Ayako subs didn’t mess up episode 10. Something went wrong when Needless aired in Japan. It wasn’t really their fault. Not something they had control over.

      Do hope L-I-F gets through their problems easily though and gets back to subbing. ^.^

  11. mmm according to the updates, Ayako-Himatsubushi and Rage fansubs got EPS-10 out there and as far as i know they r up to EPS-12 now or something, oh well im not planning watching the show from different groups, so i will just stick with u guys till u get it out there =], “flashy subs” nothing can beat that XD

  12. hy. when Needless is expected? dared because of that only I am a translator (Hungarian) and yours the best one

  13. Hm, I’m going with you guys are dead since were getting onto three months with out a new post. Well whatever screwed you guys over hope you got/get it fixed :)

    • They certainly are dead.

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