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Episode Delays

August 6, 2009

Alright then the second-in-command here (it’s Yuki if you didn’t know). First time to post something here but let’s make this short and to the point.

Our translator, Rie, had to take a break for a while. If you didn’t know translating is tiring and alot of work, put together with the bad weather, very tiring, so our Rie took a well-deserved break. But don’t worry we don’t plan to drop Needless or 07-Ghost. We hope to get everything out by the end of the weekend and everything back to normal schedule by next week. Rie sincerely apologizes and says she promises this won’t happen again, but as I’ve told her, she shouldn’t worry because we all deserve breaks once in a while and hopefully you all understand ^_^

Which brings me to advertise that it would be real nice to find another translator, because I don’t want Rie to overwork herself too much. So if you or anyone you know has some decent understanding of Japanese and English, be sure to inform us.

Okay that’s our update. I hope our fans stick with us, and we apologize for not telling you sooner.

Small update here: We should have three SD releases for 07-Ghost 17-19 by sometime Tuesday evening (we hope to at least) and then, we’ll have a triple release of Needless (4-6) by Saturday night again. Sorry again for the delays, we hope to be caught up and back on schedule in no time!



Summer Projects News (and Late Release of Rainbow V2 of Ep10)

June 12, 2009

Well, sorry about the long delays for getting V2 of 07-Ghost Ep 10 out… It’s been sitting on my desktop for three days… Anyway, I’m just going to pass it up as DDL First and perhaps only so, unless you folks want it on Torrents. ;/

This Version (v2) is Rainbow-Font incorporated, but~ no ridiculousness has been added (as in, the ad and crazy zaiphon floating have been eliminated. And some translations and timings have been somewhat refined.)

And so, here’s:  v2 DDL (768×432 res~ lol)

And so… As for the News regarding our summer plans… We will continue to be Fansubbing 07-Ghost till the end, whenever that may be (but, it seems as if it is estimated to end this summer quarter… well, I haven’t heard any definitive plans/decisions made yet, but that’s what’s rumored). Even if it were to get licensed, we’ll still finish it as our project. ^-^

Furthermore, we will be adding on another (couple??? ) anime summer project(s???).

[Well, one project is still needing some discussion amongst the crew, but we’re considering one series; going to keep that as a tentative “not true” project, though. If we do pull it through, it will just be a surprise for you. ;> ]

Anyway, the main other project will be…Well…

Why don’t you take a look here and here ?

Interesting, eh? Haha, well, we’re going to actually be judging it soon enough… ;> But yeah, we’re going to take on Translating and providing scanlations of the manga version, too. (Wait another week and a half, perhaps. ;> )

And well, we’re also going to tackle “Alive: The Last Evolution…” As it appears to also have plans to be animated, and as fans of the manga, we will be scanlating that as another manga project… As well as perhaps taking the anime on once it comes out. ^-^

With that in mind, we wouldn’t mind having another couple staff to help out with anything regarding our Fansubs and/or Scanlations. And well, if you’re a translator, you’re most welcome to help out; and also, you could suggest another anime/manga project to work on as well… As for other open positions, I would say that in the Fansub sector: TL-Checkers/Editors, Typesetters (stylists), QC-ers, and Distributors would be most appreciated. For the Scanlations: all positions are open-RAW-hunters/providers (or Scanlators), TL-Checkers/Proofreaders, Cleaners/Editors, and Typesetters.

And so, I think I will begin distributing mkv Formats once the new season begins… We’ll just keep on distributing AVIs (and maybe a couple MP4s) till the end of June. And well, I’m still experimenting with my Encodes, so, you will be seeing random resizes (of resolution) and formats around… ;/

Anyway~ See you again on Tuesday-ish~ ^-^

[oh psst, an IRC channel is still in the works… It will permanently be set after another couple weeks, I think.]


(yeah, that was a lot of writing. someone has too much time on her hands.)


“Someone” (s) is (are) posting not as staff…

May 30, 2009

NOTICE: The recently released torrents are not complete trolls (as far as I’ve seen), but… it’s not DIRECTLY released from our staff… So, please don’t come blaming us for troubles. ;/ (if I notice any (more) trolls/unauthorized releases, I will try to request to take them down as soon as possible. But my signature (authentic Fansub) releases will always be from “zefringo” which is my nyaatorrent account.)

And so, the story goes…  Early today, it occurred to me that someone has been “kindly” seeding some DDL links as torrents recently… but, we’re not too comfortable with you doing so, who(m)ever you may be. ^-^

We’re happy that you want to help spread the news, but, since I’m not confident about what I’ve done yet (lol, my revisions are only so much better, after all… >.<;; ), I prefer not to distribute things via Torrent unless I do it myself (or another staffer).

We’re gracious for your help, but if you continue to do so at that rate, we will have to make some restrictive measures for how we release our stuff. If you want to help, please let us know ahead of time, before releasing our work as torrents.

Thank you for your time.

We will not be posting anything until Tuesday.. And notice, I did make changes to a file on the 28th of May, meaning, if I wanted it to be released on Torrents, I would have done so then. ;>



“Rainbow Font” disapproved? Release of Ep8 v2, kind of

May 27, 2009

Aww, so… It seems as if… our “rainbow font” character color coding is not appreciated. ;<

We will be taking that under consideration. I admit, it was my own idea to try this out…

Well, we’re not going to get rid of the idea entirely (since it’s like our signature style, lol.. Not a lot of other groups do this, right? ;> ). (Unless more people complain about it. ;/ ) But…! We will try to ease the readability yet again. Lol, we thought that increasing the Font size would work… but apparently…. it still doesn’t work as well as we wanted it to. :/

Anyway, here is version2 of our Ep 8 release… Only Fixed the Font-coloring (basically the color inversions (they’re brighter)) for people who didn’t like it or couldn’t even read it. Nothing else was changed much… well, slight readjustments on Timing… but yeah, if you want it on Torrents, ask for it in a comment. :P

EDIT: V3 download [more Timing accuracy, I hope as well as better translations, still rainbowy-font used (and yet, one part is still incorrectly colored, sigh… sorry)] available… anyway, I decided to go for a MP4 Formatting trial. ;/

Next time, we will use plain font coloration on one of our releases, too.





DDL (MP4?!?)v3

Anyway, just a word from me… We just managed to pull this out quickly this week… It probably won’t be as fast later on, just FYI. Thanks for watching our releases, though! We appreciate your time and patience. ^-^

We will be in discussion as to what our Formatting will be for Files… We may or may not begin converting our files to mkv… And so then, we can provide you with two different versions of Fonts, perhaps? Lol~ Or we will plan something else… Or we’ll just stick to the original styles altogether…

More input is always appreciated. ;/



Really, a “site” created?

April 23, 2009

Yeah… I decided to move to a WP account so that it would be more accessible than LJ? lol… maybe not…? >.>;;

Anyway, so I will update more around this site… and we will be permanently moving things here in due time one-three weeks… or when someone wants to fix it up more. ;D

And so, the only update is our staff page. lol. ;x

And yeah, hrmm, I made a crappy version of our release of 07-Ghost Ep3, find it at: .

Yet… Release of Ep3 v2 of 07-Ghost will be made within 5-8hours from now. My Engrish had too many problems this round. ;<

And yeah, let us know what you folks want from us… because if you don’t like something of what we do, we rather not hear complaints but hear critique for improvements. We will try our best to accommodate as many preferences as we can.

Anyway, toodles for now~