About Staff

By the way, I, the “designer” of this website… Erm, more like Engrish fool and tech-Failure, messed up the title of the website (the first time)… lol. >.>;;;

Anyway, let me introduce you to our small group…

Last Impressions Fansubs presents to you 07-Ghost and soon Needless…

zefringo here. Failure Extraordinaire, the main RAW retriever (+scanlator) and (Engrish specialist~) (Japanese->English, yesh) Translator, for our first project, 07-Ghost… along with Needless (both anime+manga). Regardless, I’ve also done crappy Karaoke-Timing, Fine-Tuning (on Timing and Typesetting), and distribution. As for Karaoke and Typesetting Styling, I am incapable, but I’m learning~(apparently the oldest of the main crew but just out of her teenager phase… >.>;; yes we are youngin’s… )

So, let me intro you to my fellow staffers (listed in order of join date)… (they may want to add more rather than my own descriptions. lol…):

Yuki: Co-founder. The main (speedy~) Timer and Typesetter. Karaoke Style specialist. Also is a QC. Alternates with me on Encoding. And also helps with distribution. Will Cover Scanlation Cleaning + Typesetting, too~ Edit: Oh so apparently to zefringo I’m speedy xD Yuki here, apparently I’m the youngest of the group. Anyways I initially was messing with the jobs I do now out of boredom, then happened to come across zefringo and she was planning on subbing 07-Ghost alone, so I offered my help and here we are! Well hopefully you all enjoy our work and thank you so much for your support! =D

Mimiko: The main torrent distributor and seeder. Editor (Cleaner+Typesetter) + Proofreader. (Amazing at catching my Engrish~) Site banner provider. ^-^

anon-QC: Quality Control manager. (Incredible correction skills… Talk about a keen eye for all my mistakes, too). In-charge of some “better” Encoding.

anon-Timer: Helps with precision Timing. Provided Karaoke-Timing+Styling for Needless.

anon-Editor: Helps with Editing. Will help with QC later, perhaps.

Prince: Friendly fellow who has helped us with some QC business… Will cover more Editing, Proofreading… and perhaps also Timing. ;/

Hemsko: Translator-kinda for Needless manga… well, TLC/Proofer, too, sometimes. ;/

And special thanks to… our new Karaoke stylist, Autem… Providing more special Karaoke styles starting summer quarter.

And major props to D4rkFactor for providing the latest HD Encodes.

Latest staff joiners:
Sirius-Editor, really speedy one… $
And Taki, a helper in the Typesetting, Timing, and Encoding realm.


We formed literally at the beginning of April 2009 (like on the Fifth(?)). I met Yuki, and we decided to undergo the project 07-Ghost together, (as I was initially thinking of doing it solo). And then, just on April 15th, we got ourselves another distributor(+Editor), Mimiko. By April 16th, we gained ourselves a fourth member, anon-qc. anon-qc has been helping us out with quality checks and encodings. Around the middle of June, we gained three other members, they will be helping us deliver another couple projects in the summer… And so, we’re all (well, except for all the anon folk+Prince) still relatively new at making “high-quality” productions, but we’re definitely pursuing that point. We hope to gradually improve over time.

And yet, I think we’re aiming to be one of the speed-subbers of the bunch of other groups. Quality will also be simultaneously regarded, for the most part, though. Just watch and see. :]


Well, we intend to remain this small… And yet, we’re more than happy to receive another Distributor (XDCC and/or Torrent seeding), Translator (moderate Japanese->English understanding appreciated), and/or Typesetting Stylist (one that can play with Fonts prettily~) to help out with the crew… We can then work with more than one project, after all.

And well, if you’re a Greenhorn to all this business and you’re interested in learning some of the basics of the whole deal, feel free to contact one of us.

Contact: last.impressions.fansub@gmail.com . And well, you can also try to hunt one of us down on MSN, too.

my msn: rie.chan@hotmail.com

Yuki’s msn: twilightdweller@hotmail.com

Ah, yesh, I am working on setting up an IRC channel as well… [Go to #lifansubs, nothing much is there yet, though. >.>; ]

Thanks for your patience and time~


  1. are you still subbing Needless ep 5???

    • Yes we are, we just posted our reasons for the delay on the main page, but yes, we don’t plan on dropping Needless.

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