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Release of 07-Ghost Ep 20

August 18, 2009

Rushed this out asap~ We hope the quality is still reasonable… [We ran into some Encoding/video frame issues… but, we fixed it as well as we could~]

Anyway, NEEDLESS Eps 5-7 will be rolling one per day starting from tomorrow…  I’m cracking through it, yesh. :]

And hmm, I omitted the OP+ED Karaoke… by accident… [Well, next time around, I should have the proper Karaoke!] Instead, I added some Karaoke elsewhere… ludududu~ ;/

Uh… The song, there, may potentially have one verse meaning change… But, I’m not sure of the full context/can’t tell the “intonation” quite right, but, it could mean: “May there please be eternal tranquility” versus whatever else I decided… :z

And as for the naming of the top-class fleet ship, I tried to give it a “proper name…” But, I think it doesn’t make much sense, but I chose to make it sound more reasonable than something about “libidos…” >.>;;;

And yeah, I messed with the typesetting there… I apologize for the subtitle jumping… If you hate it so, we will adjust it when we do our revisions. ;P

Ah right, and the Land of Seele, that is a term in German used once again in this show. Seele isn’t pronounced as it kind of tends to be spelt, but yeah, it means “soul” and/or “spirit.” Therefore, it is this special place that the Father of Teito wanted to take Teito when he was younger. Well, if you want more context of the place, read the manga. =p

Anyway, credits for this SD:

Timing1 + Typesetting1 + Distribution: Yuki .

Editing: anon-Editor #6.

Whatever else [including lame Encoding skill-Fail], by your slacker Translator [yours truly-zefringo].

For the record, zefringo failed at registering the torrent correctly this time; I apologize profusely. ;z

Ep20 v1/SD XviD: DDL ; Torrent1; Torrent2

ps. Completely unrelated… Yet, as a fan of G-Dragon from Big Bang, I wish G-Dragon happy birthday today. ;]


[Gradual] Release of 07-Ghost 17-19

August 14, 2009

The organization of this post is crap, sorry.  :P

but yeah, SD releases still… No revisions on the Opening Theme or Ending Theme yet… They’ll be revised and reapplied to all revisions and our Final batches of SDs and HDs. <-this may be misleading and may take a while, but you’ll be notified about more info later.

For Ep 17.

Hello there! Yuki here! Slowly but surely we’re catching up =x

Anyways here’s the credits this round

Timing1, Distro: Yuki

SD-Encode: Taki (new member!)

Editing2: Sirius

Editing, Distro: Mimiko

Translations, Fine-Tune, QC, SD Encode, [SLOW INITIAL] Distro: Zef


SD Download: DDL ; Torrent .

Well I’m off, enjoy the episode!

Ep 18: DDL ; Torrent

Ep 19: DDL ; Torrent


Timing + Typesetting + Distro: Yuki

Editing2: Sirius

Editing1 + distro: Mimiko

Engrish TLs + Fine-tune/qc + Encoding randomness + initial seeding Fail: done by the vungvung, zefringo

The delays story goes as this: zefringo is a major slacker everywhere… and so, she failed. Then, her notebook pc failed her… And then data went “bye-bye.” And so, we had to redo a good lot of these last couple episodes.

Both 07-Ghost and Needless will be back on track next week, we swear. [well, unless zefringo’s karma/luck doesn’t seem to plunge even further. ] ;/

Thanks for your patience friends, fans, and everyone else. Blame zef


Episode Delays

August 6, 2009

Alright then the second-in-command here (it’s Yuki if you didn’t know). First time to post something here but let’s make this short and to the point.

Our translator, Rie, had to take a break for a while. If you didn’t know translating is tiring and alot of work, put together with the bad weather, very tiring, so our Rie took a well-deserved break. But don’t worry we don’t plan to drop Needless or 07-Ghost. We hope to get everything out by the end of the weekend and everything back to normal schedule by next week. Rie sincerely apologizes and says she promises this won’t happen again, but as I’ve told her, she shouldn’t worry because we all deserve breaks once in a while and hopefully you all understand ^_^

Which brings me to advertise that it would be real nice to find another translator, because I don’t want Rie to overwork herself too much. So if you or anyone you know has some decent understanding of Japanese and English, be sure to inform us.

Okay that’s our update. I hope our fans stick with us, and we apologize for not telling you sooner.

Small update here: We should have three SD releases for 07-Ghost 17-19 by sometime Tuesday evening (we hope to at least) and then, we’ll have a triple release of Needless (4-6) by Saturday night again. Sorry again for the delays, we hope to be caught up and back on schedule in no time!



Release of 07-Ghost Ep 16

July 21, 2009

Damn it, I just love this show… but for the wrong reasons. ;/

Anyway, here’s our release of the episode again. Hmm, my translations are going insane. Lol~ Joking, joking! ;>

Ah yes… I’m feeling conflicted and confused about something regarding the HD releases, btw… but I promise that we’ll begin dishing them out in due time… As well as those “promised revisions…” (We may batch up some episodes too someday~ lalala~ No guarantees on that, though. ;/ )

Credits [psst, I’m giving the Editors a break… I think I’ll recruit them to help again next few times, though. ;] ):

Timing1, Typesetting1, Distro: Yuki

Translations, Fine-Tune, QC, SD Encode, Distro: yours truly

SD Download: DDL ; Torrent .

As always, thanks for watching!


[ps. My TL speed is increasing, I think, but same with the number of my project endeavors… And so, I think the pace of the releases will be coming to a slow down within these next Four weeks due to midterms+Finals that I have amongst organizing a bunch of other stuff. Regardless, I’ll try to serve up what I can as soon as I can. Thank all of you so much for supporting us! ]


Release of 07-Ghost 15

July 14, 2009

Hmmm. Not much to report… Just that this ep was more or less interesting. Hurray?

Working on these HD releases, steadily and surely, yes. ;/


Translations, Fine-Tune/QC+Edits, SD Encoding, Distro (Slow Torrent Seed): zefringo

Timing+Typesetting+Distro: Yuki.

(Less Engrish, I’m hoping… but my addiction to literal translations is still nagging me. ;/ )


SD: DDL ; Torrent .

Thanks for watching~

From now on, I’ll try to lose the wordy translations. Sorry folks. ;<


[ps. Script will be posted eventually, too. :P ]


07-Ghost 14 Release

July 12, 2009

From these next few weeks, we’ll be trying to release HD releases soon, too.

Anyway, here is the four-day delayed release of 07-Ghost. I greatly apologize for the delay; running into Encoding troubles is just a nightmare in itself. ;/

And yeah, we’ll be dishing out an HD version soon, too.

credits here:

Timing1+Typesetting+Distro: Yuki

Translations+Timing2+QC-ish-ness+Encode+Distro: zefringo

Ep 14: DDL(written as 12, but this is the real thing) ; Torrent

ps. zefringo failz so bad, improvements will be made soon. ;/


Release of 07-Ghost Ep 13~

June 30, 2009

I’ve got almost all the Revisions of previous episodes on queue… Well, more like… I’m still figuring out how to make them into MKVs… So, patience, there~ ;>

Anyway… Still going with the SD XviD.mp3 AVI release…. since, my Encoding skills are kind of stagnate… :/

And TL work is deathly

My Engrish is still of Fail~ But, I tried to adjust that a bit… >.>;;; [really, literal Japanese is probably not the best way to go, eh?]

Anyway, enough… Here you go~

V1[colorless Font): [L-I-F]_07-Ghost_Ep-13[704×400][XviD.mp3][ED4F2B7F].avi

DDL ; Torrent(Tracker 2); Tracker1 Torrent

Credits this round…

TL, Fine-tune2, Encode, Final QC, Distro: zefringo

Timing, Typesetting, QC1, Distro: Yuki

Editing, Fine-tune1, QC2: Mimiko

Thanks for watching!

Critique is appreciated. ;/